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WP 8 QPL - Evaluation and Monitoring

WP Leader: UNIBO
Start Date:  October 2009
Duration:   24 months

Project implementation and achievement of results will be evaluated internally by the project Management Team in charge of the daily management and monitoring of all activities to be carried out.  For this reason the WP Leader will be the Coordinator.
Both core and management aspects of the project will be considered in the internal evaluation that will assess:
- the respect of deadlines and project timetable
- the delivery of products and reports in accordance with the project plan
- the respect of the tasks distributed
- quality in the organisation of the events
- quality and effectiveness of the internal and external communication
- respect of budget limitations and in general efficient and effective use of resources

The project process will be discussed after each project phase during the Management Team Meetings and through (virtual) meetings, on the basis of assessment grids, evaluation forms and questionnaires that will be filled in by the Core Groups members  (and other persons involved in the project) at the end of WPs. In this way the monitoring of the activities in each WP will be guaranteed by their interconnection with WP QA and WP MAN.

At the delivery of the main project products, external feedbacks will be asked to experts with competences on the topics addressed by the project, in order to have an external point of view and useful inputs on the ongoing activities.  These feedbacks will mainly focus on transferability and applicability of deliverables.
Coimbra Group will be in charge of identifying among its Tasks Force members, persons not directly involved in the development of the project to forward them the request.

The internal and external feedbacks will be published in a report as a supplement to the progress and interim reports.


TitleDelivery DateDissemination Level
Dissemination and quality management of the project10/31/2011Public

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