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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes



WP7 DISS - Dissemination and communication

WP Leader: UNIBO
Start Date:  October 2009
Duration:   24 months

Continuing Education offer is characterizing current engagement of HEIs in lifelong learning. This make the results of the project of common interest for Higher Education Community. The Consortium will use a detailed promotion and dissemination plan for effectively informing and involving persons concerned directly and indirectly: the main target groups will be academics, HEIs staff  and other person involved in Continuing Education and QA development, at local, national and international level.

The dissemination plan, provided by the Management Team and monitored by the WP Leader (UNIBO) will give an overview of the activities that will support communication to raise awareness and interest in the project. The Management Team will register the dissemination events carried out during the project lifetime, and a final report will be released to point out the overall impact of these activities.

The objects of the dissemination will be the project aims, methodologies and ongoing results, such as the public reports, documents and products delivered at the main milestones:
- the comparative analysis report  (WP2 - Month 6)
- the first draft of the general framework for QA of continuing education courses (WP3 - Month 12)
- the evaluation report format (WP4 - Month 14)
- the examples of questionnaires and other tools developed in the trial survey (WP4,5 - Month 21)
- the exploitation tools and events (WP6 - Month 23-24)

Tools and channels for the dissemination activities will be:
- web-based portal
- publications of promotional material
- communication by each individual partner.

Additionally, in order to give the project a strong European wide dimension and to establish useful connections, different European networks will be used to actively promote the outputs of it, in particular dissemination to and via the Coimbra Group, dissemination by presenting the result of the project in several conferences organised by European Associations and Networks.



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