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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes




WP Leader: UCC
Start Date:  April 2011
Duration: 6 Months

The Exploitation WP has been conceived as a further step in providing a concrete encouragement to HEIs to develop internal systems for QA of continuing education programmes.
The aim of the WP is to multiply the effect of the project among possible users and relevant stakeholders and, where possible, to advocate creative innovation. The development of the main exploitation activities, the draft of a Manual and the organisation of an European Seminar, will take place during the last six months. Together with the Dissemination plan (WP7), running during the 24 months of the project lifetime, the Exploitation WP completes the overall valorisation strategy of the project.

MANUAL - In the way to exploit the use of the products developed and validated, a short Manual will be published and made available on the website. The Manual will support HEIs, on the strategic and management level as well as on the programme level, to start and increase the QA systems of their continuing education programmes. It will focus on the main results of the project and will include the overall framework for quality assurance of continuing education programmes (WP3), further fine-tuned after the Pilots (WP4, WP5). All the basic components of the framework (programme design, implementation, conformity with specific organisational and resources requirements, monitoring, evaluation, quality improvement) will be illustrated by some relevant examples of good practices. The Manual will also give operational indication and guidelines for organisational/technical solutions, based on the experimental use of the evaluation report information model and the survey methodologies tools (Pilot Stage).
The drafting of the Manual will be coordinated by UCC, the WP Leader, with a major contribution of the Dev WPs Leaders. During the Cork Workshop (WP4) UCC will share a first draft of the table of contents.


TitleDelivery DateDissemination Level
4. QACEP Evaluation Report on Continuing Education Programme4/11/2011Public
5. QACEP Handbook9/21/2011Public

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