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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes




WP Leader: University of Bologna
Start Date:  October 2009
Duration:   24 months

The overall ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE of the project is the following:

COORDINATOR: UNIBO coordinates the whole project, the WP Leaders and the Management Team

MANAGEMENT TEAM (1 member for partner) - it addresses the spectrum of management activities, from scheduling project deliverables to formulating strategic response to change and it stimulates all partners to take up their own role

WPs LEADERS - they lead the main activities of the WPs in cooperation with the Coordinator

WPs CORE GROUPS (1/2 members for partner) - they provide technical support and relevant contents to the project carrying out the main tasks of the Dev WPs

All partners are involved in the Core Group in all the WPs and they manage the activities internally.

The MAN WP deals with administrative and financial issues and provides the continuous oversight needed to keep the project as a whole and the concrete initiatives on track in order to deliver value and results . The WP includes the initial planning about budget distribution and use and the definition and the distribution of activities needed to manage the project progress.

The Management Team develops internal monitoring and report forms to be filled by the partners to facilitate them in the reporting of the activities undertaken and to have a clear control of the whole project’s activities and expenditures. Every six months an overall financial and activity report will be delivered by the Management Team to allow the Consortium in reaching the official reporting deadline with the correct implementation.

Virtual meetings are regularly organized.


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