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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes




In the way to attain the ojectives of the Project and to provide the envisaged outputs for HEIs, three stages can be distinguished:

  1. to carry out a comparative analysis within the partner universities with regard of the specific context in which Continuing Education Programmes are offered and their main characteristics, and with regard to QA in the field of and/or relevant to Continuing Education Programmes
  2. to design an overall framework by sharing and analysing the selected good practices, considering the potential impact of these tools to continuing education programmes quality assessment in different university contexts
  3. to conduct a "pilot evaluation" of a group of Continuing Education Programmes using the overall framework and concrete and specific tools to test some operational and organisational aspects and the feasibility of the framework

The core development activities will be integrated with exploitation activities - a Manual to support and ecourage HEIs in developing a model for QA for Continuing Education Courses - and dissemination (broad diffusion of project methodologie, activities and results).

Approaches and methodologies:

  • bottom up analysis and benchmark within partner institutions;
  • involvement of different stakeholders such as internal administrative and teaching staff responsible for the management and organisation of Continuing Education Programmes and Quality Assurance, IT developers, Staticians and technical advisors for survey design and implementation, Bologna and LLP Experts;
  • discussion working groups and distance work.

 Ongoing Activities

CORE GROUP WORKSHOP 5 / PILOT RESULTS - Consortium internal event5/24/2011Completed
Pilot self-evaluation of selected continuing education programmes4/11/2011
CORE GROUP WORKSHOP 4 / Pilot - Consortium internal event4/1/2011Completed
Pilot Stage - Survey on Continuing Education Programmes leavers10/19/2010Completed
Pilot Stage - Design of a "Self-evaluation Report Model" for the self-evaluation of Continuing Education Programmes10/19/2010Completed
CORE GROUP WORKSHOP 3 / FRAMEWORK VALIDATION - Consortium internal event10/17/2010Completed
Design of the QACEP Framework9/20/2010Completed
QACEP SEMINAR "Developing Quality Assurance Framework for HEIs’ Continuing Education Programmes in Europe"6/28/2010Completed
Preparatory activities for QACEP Seminar (29-30 June) for the design of the QACEP Framework4/1/2010Completed
Comparative Analysis - Draft of the final report3/31/2010Completed