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Web Resources: European Universities' Charter on Lifelong Learning


European Universities' Charter on Lifelong Learning 


The EUA Charter has been elaborated on the basis of extensive consultation, not only with EUA’s 800 member universities and 34 national Rectors’ Conferences, but also with a wide range of European stakeholder organisations – including students and business. It calls on universities to make 10 clear commitments to lifelong learning:

• Embedding concepts of widening access and lifelong learning in their institutional strategies;
• Providing education and learning to a diversified student population;
• Adapting study programmes to ensure that they are designed to widen participation and attract returning adult learners;
• Providing appropriate guidance and counselling services;
• Recognising prior learning;
• Embracing lifelong learning in quality culture;
• Strengthening the relationship between research, teaching and innovation in a perspective of lifelong learning;
• Consolidating reforms to promote a flexible and creative learning environment for all students;
• Developing partnerships at local, regional, national and international level to provide attractive and relevant programmes;
• Acting as role models of lifelong learning institutions.


European Universities Association 



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