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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes

Partners: University College of Cork (UCC)

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University College of Cork (UCC) 

Description of the Institution

University College Cork is a collegiate university with a long tradition of excellence in research and teaching. The high quality education we provide, enriched by a distinctive college experience, is sustained by demand from highly qualified applicants from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. The University is outward looking, and actively engaged in a range of innovative developments in research, teaching and learning.  The University has 17,000 students, with approximately 2,500 learners pursuing adult education/distance education/continuing education/professional development programmes ranging from certificates to degrees. The University has 4 Colleges and provides higher education qualifications in almost all disciplines.

Role of the Institution in the Project

It will  provide technical support and relevant contents to the project by appointing the own members in the Core Groups in all WPs. It will accomplish with the following main tasks:
- to  involve local  administrative, technical and teaching staff to present, analyze and sum up local good practices presenting them in the course of project meetings;
- to develop thematic Working Groups Contents during a Seminar and collaborate in designing the final framework (WP3);
- to select representatives of continuing education courses to be involved in the project (WPs3-4-5);
- to coordinate the work at local level accomplishing with project tasks and to coordinate methodological and practical aspects of the QA Pilot stage (WPs4-5);
- to host a Workshop (WP4);
- to coordinate, as the WP6 Partner Leader, the drafting of the Manual exploitation tool.
It will establish an internal monitoring and management system and carry out the requested reporting activities



E-mail Address 

Business Phone

+353 21 4903651 

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+353 21 4903647 


Western Road



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