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Partners: Fundació Privada Institut de Formació Continua de la UB (IL3-UB)

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Fundació Privada Institut de Formació Continua de la UB (IL3-UB) 

Description of the Institution

IL3-UB is a Foundation that the University of Barcelona (associated partner in this project) has created to promote an education attractive to students during all stages in life. In IL3-UB two initiatives of the own University of Barcelona have been integrated: Les Heures (centre for face-to-face training) and the University of Barcelona Virtual. Currently IL3-UB has more than 25.000 students and more than 600 training programmes within Masters, Postgraduate programs and courses of specialisation and extension. IL3 projects combine different actions: analysis and definition of competences; analysis of the training needs; development and implementation of experimental educational approaches; teacher training. IL3-UB shares with the University of Barcelona a solid base of research and qualified teachers. From this base, scientific findings and the knowledge accumulated through professional experience can be easily transferred to the students.

Role of the Institution in the Project

It will  provide technical support and relevant contents to the project by appointing the own members in the Core Groups in all WPs. It will accomplish with the following main tasks:
- to  involve local  administrative, technical and teaching staff to present, analyze and sum up local good practices presenting them in the course of project meetings. During WP2 it will host a Core Group Workshop
- to develop thematic Working Groups Contents during a Seminar and collaborate in designing the final framework (WP3);
- to select representatives of continuing education courses to be involved in the project (WPs3-4-5) in coordination with the Univ. of Barcelona (associated partner)
- to coordinate the work at local level accomplishing with project tasks and to coordinate methodological and practical aspects of the QA Pilot stage (WPs4-5)
- to give feedbacks on the Manual(WP6)
It will establish an internal monitoring and management system and carry out the requested reporting activities.



E-mail Address;  

Business Phone

+34 93 403 76 02 

Fax Number

+34 93 403 96 97 


Ciutat de Granada, 131



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