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Partners: Consorzio Interuniversitario AlmaLaurea

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Consorzio Interuniversitario AlmaLaurea 

Description of the Institution

AlmaLaurea Inter-university Consortium (AL), was born at the University of Bologna and in 16 years of activity became a highly qualified component of the entire Italian university system.
AL was set up to be at the service of graduates, universities and companies.
AlmaLaurea’s uniqueness (60 universities, with 1.370.000 curricula vitae stored in a databank, March 2010) lies in having created an integrated system able to guarantee documentation completeness (universities make available information on their entire student body), periodic (the surveys are taken at regular intervals), well-timed (year after year, a ‘snapshot’ of the universities’ internal and external performances may be obtained) and bring it up to date (curricula vitae are updated with the graduates’ professional data).
AL aims at monitoring the quality of the educational processes of graduates as well as their occupational conditions and at facilitating the matching of demand and supply of qualified labour.
In 2005 AL developed the European project EAL-NET (e-TEN Programme) in collaboration with partner universities, companies and institutions in France, Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands.
From 2009 AL is working on Graduates Insertion and Assessment Project (GrInsA/Tempus Programme) based on quality assessment and support the employability of Moroccan graduates.
AlmaLaurea is member of international organizations such as: Networks EUNIS, FEDORA, REFLEX project research group (VI framework Programme) and cooperates with Magna Charta Observatory, Bologna Promoters and Coimbra Group.

Role of the Institution in the Project

It will provide support and relevant expert contents to the project by appointing the own members in the Core Groups and in the Management Team.
In particular it will:
- cooperate for the design of the framework and the evaluation report information model (WP3-WP4) by the identification of indicators, questionnaires and data collections methodologies;
- it will lead WP5 and will be in charge of the preparation of the Survey: web questionnaires, identification of the specific survey methodologies to be implemented in the different sites , Project core group meeting (pilot start up).
It will also coordinate the pilot field activities: keep track of the progress of the evaluation activities, communication with the partners, analysis and preparation of the collected information, dataset cleaning, analysis of results (preparation of a report), dataset upload in the project web platform.
It will give a contribution in drafting the final Manual (WP6) and in disseminating projects results.



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+39 /  0516088 927 

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+39 /  0516088 988 


Via Belle Arti, 41



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