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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes

Outcomes : 5. QACEP Handbook


5. QACEP Handbook 

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QACEP SEMINAR "Developing Quality Assurance Framework for HEIs’ Continuing Education Programmes in Europe" 


WP 2 - DEV; WP 3 - DEV; WP 4 - DEV; WP 5 - DEV; WP 6 - EXPL; WP 7 - DISS 


Description of contents of the Handbook

This handbook was published in order to facilitate the wide dissemination of the outcomes and results of the QACEP Project. The Handbook focuses on the principal outcomes of the project and includes the overall framework for quality assurance of continuing education programmes further refined
after consideration of the outcomes of the Pilot stage. All the basic components of the Framework are illustrated by some relevant examples of good practices. In the appendices the Handbook provides the text of the key tools developed.
This Handbook is supported by all the information and full details published on the QACEP Project web site:

- QACEP Comparative Analyses Report and Template Model
- QACEP Framework + suggested toolkit
- QACEP Student Evaluation Questionnaire
- QACEP Evaluation Report for Continuing Education Programmes
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