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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes

Outcomes : 4. QACEP Evaluation Report on Continuing Education Programme


4. QACEP Evaluation Report on Continuing Education Programme 

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the “Evaluation Report on Continuing Education Programmes” was developed as a tool to support self-evaluation activities
of HEIs’ CEPs. The self-evaluation is conducted by considering a list of key elements identified as crucial for the successful performance of a CEP and that should be considered
for its QA.
For each section (Programme Design, Services, Resources, QA System, Communication, Promotion, Figures) the Evaluation Report should be completed with specific information about the programme in order to provide evidence on how the programme has been planned, implemented and monitored. The information reported should be the contents
produced and the results obtained at different times during the life of the programme:
• during the planning phase of the programme (identification of target groups,
admission of students, programme goals, etc....)
• during the implementation of the programme (timetable of activities, infrastructural supports, etc....)
• during the monitoring activities (no. of applicants, no. of enrolled students, students’ opinion, etc...).
The self-evaluation fields, located at the end of each section, require an analysis of the main strengths and weaknesses of all aspects of the programme. Through this self-analysis
every programme should highlight its best practices (considering its main strengths), and should plan improvement actions (considering its weaknesses). Some guideline questions
are provided in order to help the analysis.

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Pilot self-evaluation of selected continuing education programmes; Pilot Stage - Design of a "Self-evaluation Report Model" for the self-evaluation of Continuing Education Programmes 


WP 4 - DEV; WP 6 - EXPL; WP 7 - DISS 


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