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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes

Outcomes : 1. QACEP Comparative Analysis Report


1. QACEP Comparative Analysis Report 

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Public Report

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Comparative Analysis - Draft of the final report; QACEP SEMINAR "Developing Quality Assurance Framework for HEIs’ Continuing Education Programmes in Europe" 


WP 2 - DEV; WP 7 - DISS 


QACEP Comparative Analysis Report is the main output of the first phase of the project. The main aim of this comparative analysis is to provide an understanding of:
- what we mean by continuing education (CE) programmes and what are their characteristics;
- quality assurance and quality assessment procedures for CE programmes in each institution,
- main commonalities and main differences between the partner institutions with regard to quality assurance (QA) of CE programmes.

The QACEP Comparative Analysis Report has been conceived as:
- the necessary basis to design the QA framework for HEIs’ CEPs in the next stage of the project;
- a first source of examples, already analysed, to be disseminated outside the consortium to foster a mutual understanding of contexts, practices and challenges in quality assurance of CE programmes at a European level
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