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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes

Ongoing Activities : CORE GROUP WORKSHOP 5 / PILOT RESULTS - Consortium internal event


CORE GROUP WORKSHOP 5 / PILOT RESULTS - Consortium internal event 


Hosted by University College Cork (Ireland)

Presentation of a synthesis of the key comments and feedbacks collected during the Bologna Meeting in April about:
1. QACEP Framework
2. Survey methodology, tools and results
3. Evaluation Report and WebForm Development

Presentation by Partners on main comments and feedbacks about the use of the Evaluation Report / WebForm for the self-evaluation activity

Presentation focus on:
1) How was the work with programme managers organised
2) Comments on the list of information required by the Self-evaluation Report
3) Comments on the results/achievements of the self-evaluation activity (does the tool lead programme managers to efficiently reflect on quality improvement, does this kind of self-evaluation activity help in planning improvement actions, does the tool help in monitoring and review the programme, could the final document be a source for evaluate the programme results?)
4) Comments on the use of the webform

- to assess the work undertaken during the pilot stage and to discuss the main feedbacks from the participants of the pilot concerning the use of the developed tools
- to collect user feedbacks and summarise main challenges and suggestions
- to share methodologies for follow up activities with programme managers
- to decide the contents and the organisation of the exploitation tool (Handbook)





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