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QACEP - Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions' Continuing Education Programmes

Ongoing Activities : CORE GROUP WORKSHOP 4 / Pilot - Consortium internal event


CORE GROUP WORKSHOP 4 / Pilot - Consortium internal event 


Hosted by AlmaLaurea (Bologna, Italy)

During the workshop the Core Group members disccus on the following issues.

1 – Presentation on QACEP Framework impact: possible impact/use of QACEP Framework in Partners related context.

2 – Comments on Survey results: main issues discussed are linked to leavers’ participation in the Survey, analyses of results, as well as the use of the survey results for the self-evaluation of the CEPs. Partners share observations on the following points:
- participation
- factors that have influenced the process 
- comparisons with the results of other Surveys prepared by Partners institutions

3 – Comments on Evaluation Report / Guidelines for Self-evaluation activities:
- approaches to the Self-evaluation activities (how to present it, how to involve the person in, how to motivate them)
- how to make really efficient the Self-evaluation activity, taking also into consideration strategic institutional themes
- Post Self-evaluation? How can be the results of the Self-Evaluation used?

- to collect follow-up inputs on the possible impact of the QACEP Framework
- to discuss results of the WP5 Survey
- to share common guidelines for the self-evaluation process of Continuing Education Programmes involved in the Pilot Stage





Status of activity



Aalto University Professional Development (Aalto PRO); Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna ; Coimbra Group; Consorzio Interuniversitario AlmaLaurea; Fundació Privada Institut de Formació Continua de la UB (IL3-UB); Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven); University College of Cork (UCC); Uniwersytet Warszawski (UW) 


WP 5 - DEV; WP 3 - DEV; WP 4 - DEV 
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